Day 103
Easter Sunday

Happy Easter! Today we are going to think about traditions and how to capture them. Easter is often time for family gatherings, and it's fun to capture family moments in new and creative ways. In the example photo, I have a photo of an Easter Egg dying activity, but, the focus is on my granddaughter with the Egg blurred in the background. I have captured a portrait of a person I love and put it in context with the activity as secondary. Think about this type of composition today. Try to capture a primary and secondary subject in your photo. Some of your subjects could be....  Easter Lilies (or flowers in general); activities, including egg dying, Easter Egg hunting (or hiding), attending church; families (children, grandchildren, pets); attending concerts and performances or even watching movies.

What traditions do you celebrate on Easter?  If you don't celebrate Easter, think about other traditions you like to celebrate.