Day 105
Look Up at the Sky Day

Who doesn't love looking at the sky? Do you ever look at the clouds and try to find shapes or patterns? In my example photo, I loved the wispy pattern of the clouds and then the added interest of the airplane contrails.

Today we are going to work on exposing for a blue sky. Just how do you get those dramatic blue skies that really pop? Here are some steps to help you get there...

  1. Shoot away from the sun to capture a blue sky. If you are pointing your camera towards the sun, your sky will be washed out.
  2. Try to avoid shooting at mid-day when the sun is high in the sky.
  3. Try bracketing. This simply means that after metering for your image, you drop down your exposure. First, bring it down at -.5, then -1, then -1.5. Look at the images and choose the sky that looks the deepest blue.
  4. And, you can always use a polarizing filter. A polarizing filter cuts the glare and haze and can really deepen the color of a blue sky.

If the weather is rainy or dreary where you are, you won't be able to capture the blue sky. Show us what the sky does look like in your part of the world.