Day 121
Honesty Day

Today I offer a challenge.  In honor of honesty day, let's be totally honest with our editing allowed.

We do our best (I think) to get it "right" in camera.  But let's admit it, we all know that if something is a little off, we can tweak it in post processing.  And if our photo is a lot off, sometimes playing with filters and adjustments we don't use regularly can be a fun experiment.

Sometimes an unfiltered image is also part of the story.  Simon is a sweet boy, but he has some anxiety around strangers.  In this image, he is making a new friend.  His new friend is not necessarily a "dog person" so there is a lot of "raw" emotion present.  I wanted to capture that moment as accurately as I could.

It is a good exercise for us to think about our settings and composition before we press the shutter.  Ultimately, more intentional shooting and less dependency on processing will make us better photographers.

Here are the details of the challenge: 

  • Take no more than three shots.
  • Absolutely no editing allowed - no cropping, no straightening, no tweaking of any kind.
  • No black and white conversions.  If you want a black and white photo, shoot in monochrome.
  • When you post your photo, share your thoughts about this challenge.

Here's to your best shot!