Day 101
- Guest Prompt
National Farm Animals Day

Created as a day to raise awareness about animals who are abused and abandoned by the factory farming system, National Farm Animals Day is a great day to honor our National Farming Heritage and family farms. If you don’t live in a farming community, there are still many ways to celebrate our farm animals. Chickens, cows, horses, ducks, cats, and dogs are not only found on farms. Look at your family pet, search through your childrens’ toy boxes, visit your local petting zoo - farm animals are everywhere!

For today’s prompt, we are featuring Becky’s horse Maydayn. She is a character, beloved in the neighborhood. She is a curious, gentle, affectionate horse. As soon as she sees anyone in the field, she heads their way for a nuzzle. Becky captured her here against the backdrop of a spring storm. As always, she is heading straight for the photographer. Maydayn's placement in the right third of the frame as well as the layers in the landscape add energy an interest to this photo by their use of the "rule of thirds."

How will you photograph farm animals today? See if you can capture their personalities by focusing on their expressions, highlighting a particular attribute such as a soft nose, toe beans, or whiskers, or photographing your animal in context. Selecting an animal you love, and photographing it in a way you love, will show through in your final image.

Let's celebrate our furry friends today!

Becky Johnson & Heidi Marquardt