September 2020

Is it really September? How can it be? Somehow the 2020 calendar has moved forward even though we feel like we are still stuck in March! Can you feel it in the air? Autumn...  

Autumn is an amazing time to be a photographer. The colors and textures of the season are stunning. As the leaves are dying and falling, they create some amazing and vivid beauty. The light is different and changing constantly. The smells are different. There is a sensory explosion!

There are days that are still warm, the nights begin to chill, change is on the way. Can you feel it?

How do you feel about change? Do you wish things would always be same or are you a person who likes to change it up? How does that translate to photography.

Have you ever seen an image and known exactly who photographed it? I see that in our community. Some photographers have a sense of style and purpose and you can identify their work immediately. It could be the subject, composition or even editing style that gives it away.

Some of us dabble in lots of different areas and you can't always identify the photographer.

All of it is OKAY!

But, the message I want to convey this month is "embrace change" and "take a chance."

The changing seasons are necessary. The death in the Fall and Winter leads to growth in the Spring and Summer. 

If you take the same types of photos and edit them the exact same way every day, you may start to get bored or feel stale.

Challenge yourself to try something new, or photograph in a different place, or experiment with editing. Instead of being overwhelming and scary, you might find it gives you that spark you need and helps you to exercise your creative muscle.


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September 2020

Daily Prompts

September 2020


We have all had a time where a group has had a shared experience and when that group reminisces about it, each persons account is slightly different.  It is perspective that creates those differences.  Personal perspective has roots in both our physical and emotional place at the time of the experience.

As many of us have not ventured very far in the last few months, we may be becoming bored with our daily photos.  Do you find yourself thinking, “Same stuff, different day?”  It may be helpful to change that thought to, “Same stuff, different perspective.”  In photography, perspective is how we convey a three-dimensional object with a two-dimensional image.  In other words, how we convey depth and spatial relationships.  Our job as photographers is to make the viewer believe that they are looking at something that is three-dimensional.

These are some basic techniques used to create a three-dimensional feel:

  • Leading Lines that pull the viewer into and through an image.
  • Forced Perspective tries to trick our seeing with regard to size and spatial relationships.
  • Layers create a foreground, middle ground, and background in an image.  The foreground is darker and more in focus and the background becomes lighter and less focused.  These changes in focus and saturation help to create depth in the image.

Here are some simple things that you can do to play with perspective and perhaps bring new and interesting life to familiar subjects:

  1. Change your focal length
  2. Change your aperture
  3. Change your vantage point - photograph the same subject from above, below, and at eye level
  4. Use natural framing of your subject
  5. Be intentional with your foreground, middle ground, and background composition

Take a few hours this month and photograph the same subject in different ways, changing one thing at a time and observing how the photo’s story changes.  What are your preferences?  Being intentional with your choices in each photograph you take helps to ensure that your photo conveys the intended story and helps your personal style to emerge.



Don't just stand there, we all have the habit of standing in the same place from the same angle, so make sure you move it around a bit, get down low on the ground, or stand on ladder (make sure someone is holding it)   We all need to get out of our eye-level rut.

365PictureToday Creative Team

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My favorite season to photograph is Spring! Everyday there is something new in bloom! 


My favorite season to take photographs is Spring. I love all of the new growth and the beautiful flowers emerging. Everything is green and lush and full of color. I also like the temperature before it gets too hot and humid!


My favorite season to photograph is (late) fall.  I like the colors, but I also like that the shapes and textures of things in nature that are reveled once the leaves and blooms have dropped.  For me, there is much beauty in that starkness.


Personal my favourite season is Summer, but for photography it has to be Autumn, all those rich golden colours in the forest with the sun low in the sky during the day, and usually here in Northern Europe we get mist or fog to add to the mix.  

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