May 2020

"I think I'm going to quit"

"My heart isn't in this anymore"

"I'm not feeling creative"

"All of my photos look the same"

"I'm not good enough"

"It's just another thing for me to deal with"

Have you thought those things?


Step away from your camera for a minute... Pause... Breathe

It has crossed my mind year after year. I have considered giving up many times during the years. Sticking with a photo a day can become challenging and sometimes feel like a chore. This has been a more stressful year than most. We have been and still are dealing with a world we haven't seen before. Many people are afraid and uncertain of what to do.

Have you thought about photography being therapy for yourself? It could be one of the things you can do for yourself to bring joy? It can be a few minutes each day where you can escape the problems and fears that the world throws at you?

Give yourself permission to do something for you. Something you enjoy. Something to take your mind off of the negativity that surrounds you each day. Get outside, breathe in the air, and take a photo.

When you remember that this is a photo challenge to document your life, it can take the pressure off. It doesn't matter if you aren't feeling creative. It doesn't matter if your photos all look the same. It doesn't matter if your photos don't win awards. What matters is YOU!

Do you give up on wearing underwear, brushing your teeth, or combing your hair because it becomes tedious? Of course you don't! So don't give up on your photography either! Give yourself permission to only use your phone for a month... and to stop editing. If you see something, photograph it with your phone, and upload it and move on. Stop putting the pressure on yourself to be perfect. Just document your life and surprise yourself with the photo ops that present themselves! Your commitment to your photography is more important than being perfect.


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May 2020


We all are happy when we are sharing our days with people we love and can capture their smiling faces; or, when we are traveling to faraway places and are surrounded by beautiful scenery and new experiences.  As I write, most of us are doing none of these things.  I am hopeful that, perhaps, by the time you are reading this our lives will be returning to some sense of normalcy.

This is a good time to return to the basics, to practice some fundamental photography skills.

Find a object - an egg, a piece of fruit, a small toy, a bottle of nail polish, something simple and ordinary.

  • Photograph it against different backgrounds
  • Shoot from different angles - click here for Digital Photography School Blog
  • Experiment with your exposure triangle
  • Try several different lenses
  • Play with your light source
  • Add a human element to tell a story
  • Experiment with editing software or phone apps
  • Be creative!
  • Have fun!

Most of us are happiest when we have our camera in our hands.  Remember that!  And, keep snapping.  Right now, taking a photo a day may be one of the few constants in our ever-changing days.


Challenge yourself to look for the extraordinary in the ordinary.  Your creativity will be pushed when you seek to find and photograph something seemingly simple and uninteresting in a way that makes the viewer see that thing in a new way.

365PictureToday Creative Team




I have definitely photographed some strange bugs that I would have normal stirred clear of... who knew a camera could make you feel so brave! 


This is a tough one. I think the strangest thing I photographed was fresh bear scat on a hiking trail. I wanted to look at it later and confirm it was indeed from a bear. And, yes, it was!


Over the years, I have photographed many things that surprise me, but I think the most unusual is the Pooper Scooper in the backyard.  I believe I took that photo in response to a prompt about dreaded chores.


I have over the years photographed some very strange things, I think that setting myself up in a busy street taking photos of all the litter around the place, I got a lot of strange looks, I was hoping that it makes them think before they drop their litter in the future.

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