Day 147
Guest Prompt


What a great word, one with so many interpretations!

My first thoughts about engaging make me think about participating in some type of activity or becoming involved with some type of object such as a musical instrument. There is also the perspective of an engaging your personality. My granddaughter has a delightful laugh that is so engaging I want to hear it every day.

Being an outdoor kind of gal, I prefer engaging in any outdoor activity that holds my interest. This is our favorite lake to go fishing and its not too far away. My husband is an avid fisherman and everything I know about fishing I have learned from him.  Sometimes I wonder if catching fish is skill or luck!

Show us what skill you have, that you are engaging in today.

(Picture for the prompt is of me in a boat on Jackson Lake – with my fish, of course... heehee)

Sue Griffin

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May 2021

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