Day 121
Picture You


Ending our harmonious week with the word joyful is a nice way to wrap it up, I think.  The definition of harmony says, "forming a pleasing or consistent whole."  When thinking of a way to capture joyful in an image, I didn't have to look far as I have this lovely JOY tag hanging on what I call our command center.  This is the corner where all of our lives come together in a very joyful and harmonious way for me (as full and as busy as this calendar starts to become as the month gets filled more and more).  It is a joyful thing for me to see the activities that keep us busy and active—the birthdays we have to celebrate, the little vacations we get to take.  Yes, my calendar is a space of joy for me.  Plus, I make these every year and it's fun to look back on the same month from last year to see what we were doing.  What comes to mind for you when you think of a pleasing or consistent whole?  How can you share with us what "joyful" looks like to you?    


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May 2021

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