Day 128
Picture Style


It's the end of portrait week.  I bet nobody will be surprised that my prompt photo today includes my grandson, Charlie!  In an attempt to enhance the photo and give it some context, I used the playground as my background.  Perfect for a child at play!  I used natural light for this photo and, given the time of day, there are some harsh shadows as a result.  A diffuser or flash could have helped minimize these shadows but I didn't have one with me.  Lesson learned.

Today, see if you can take your portrait using natural light.  Window light, doorway light, shade and direct sunlight are just some of the options.  How does placement of your subject effect the light falling on them?  What modifiers, if any (flash, diffuser, white board) could you use to eliminate or minimize these shadows if you needed to?  Also be aware of the background of your photo.  What do you want it to say about your subject?


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May 2021

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