Day 142
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Negative Space


When we think about the word pose, we usually think about how we can best place people in the frame.  And usually when we are positioning people in the frame, our intent is to fill the frame with the beautiful faces that we are photographing.  But, does this have to be the case?

In this photo, my daughter and her husband occupy just a tiny portion of the frame and the focus on them is soft.  And, the negative space around them is not completely negative.  Why?  Because that was the best way to tell the story they wanted told.  The "negative space" is the wall of one of their favorite coffee shops and the words speak to them.  Most of us, however, are drawn to the human element of a photo first.  (My son-in-law's red shirt helps with this.)  They are posed exactly where they should be for this story.  

As you take today's photo, try to use negative space around your posed subject to add a subtle layer of detail to your photo's story.


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