Day 137
Picture More
Negative Space


Simply put, negative space is the space surrounding the positive space!  Okay.... how simple is that?    The negative space acts as the 'breathing room' for your eyes.  But today you are also going to photograph something harmonious in that negative space.  That's the complex part!  Or is it?

Harmony can refer to the pleasing arrangement of parts.  It can also be an interweaving of different accounts into a single narrative.   I thought about how harmonious my country life and my city life are and photographed myself in socks and overalls putting on stilettos.  The two things certainly add up in my life. 

Find some items in your life that are harmonious and photograph them using negative space. You might want to try a flat lay, or a still life or find something in nature!  Find the negative space and the items will find you! All that space will draw your eye right to where it is supposed to go!  Have fun with this today!  I sure did.


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