Day 140
Picture More
Negative Space


Using negative space in photography can be such a great way to isolate your subject and put your focus exactly where you want it to be.   Today's prompt is shade.  I decided to create my own shade and use my shadow as my subject.  I set my camera up outside on a sunny day and positioned myself so that my shadow, holding a bouquet of tulips was at the edge of the frame creating shade on the driveway.  The negative space of the driveway on the right of the photo makes your eye immediately go towards the darker part, the shadow.  

You can create your own shade as I've done or you can take your photo in the shade.  Shade can provide nice even light for your photo, especially on a bright sunny day. If it's not sunny in your part of the world, you can use any number of light sources to create shade for your photo.   How can you use negative space in your shade to draw your eye to the subject of the photo? Have fun in the shade! 


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