Day 145
Picture You
Skill - Where I Stand


I may not look like I am finding much pleasure while pruning my spider plant, but I really am. My mom first received a baby spider from her mother's spider plant when she got married in 1982. In 2006, my mom gave me a baby from her plant when I got married. I would love to know when my grandma got hers to get an idea of how old it is. This one is 15 years old and my mom still has hers too. I have to keep it pruned in order for it to stay a reasonable size because it comes in every winter and I just have no space for a larger pot. I am excited to get it back outside now that the days/nights are warm enough. It thrives going in and out each year and I take much pleasure knowing that I have been successful at keeping it alive. I do not have a natural green thumb so I am thankful that it's such a hearty plant.  What is something that you take pleasure in doing? Show us what it is!  


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