Day 177
Take Your Dog to Work Day

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed work environments for many of us.  Though teaching from home has challenged me in many ways, it has also had some positive perks.  Working from home has allowed me to take my dogs to work with me everyday, something I would never be able to do when teaching in the classroom.

I have to admit that having the dogs' constant companionship eases the stress of these times.  The dogs are extra happy right now because their people are home all the time.  And as long as the UPS or Fed-Ex delivery person doesn't come to the door, we all do well at sharing and respecting our work and home space.

Do you have a canine companion with whom you share life and work?  If not, today is a good day to practice some street photography.  Does some place that you visit have a resident dog?  Or maybe you'll pass a dog and its owner on your daily travels.