Day 162
- Guest Prompt
Ice Tea Day

Today has been set aside to celebrate one of summer's favourite drinks.  Recipes for iced tea have been found dating back to the late 1870's.  It became popular after it was introduced at the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis.

I was surprised at how many ways that you can drink iced tea.  You can use black, green, or herbal teas. You can add different fruits, flowers, and herbs for flavouring.  You can make a classic sweet tea or an iced Chai latte or you can make a Long Island Iced Tea that has no tea in it at all.

For today's prompt I decided to use Earl Grey tea, my favourite.  I added lemon and a splash of vanilla (I learned about the vanilla from one of the many recipes I found on the internet).

Go ahead, make yourself  an iced tea and celebrate Iced Tea Day.  Why not try one of the many recipes that are available out there!

Kathy Langhofer