Day 167
- Picture Your Day
Nature Photography Day

Today is Nature Photography Day and Picture Your Day! This is the day that you put yourself in the photo and let us see where you happen to be enjoying nature. As I write this prompt, we are still under stay-at-home order. My hope is that by the time you read this prompt, we will all be able to get out freely and explore. If that is the case, put yourself in the photo and tell us about where you are and why you love it. If we are still restricted, do the best you can. Take us to one of your favorite natural spots close to home and tell us why you enjoy it, or the special meaning it has. My subject photo is just me being silly with a grizzly bear on the roadside in Glacier National Park. I adore nature and wildlife. I am supposed to be on a family lake vacation in Austin, Texas on June 15.

Today you will find out if I was able to actually make that trip!