Day 174
- Macro Monday
HVAC Tech Day

Most of us probably don't think much about our HVAC (Heating, Ventillation, and Cooling) system...until it is not working properly! In the middle of the Texas summer, if your AC fails an HVAC technician will most certainly be your best friend! Hopefully the only person that will have to look closely at your HVAC system today is you! It's Macro Monday so get up close to some part of your heating and cooling system.  

My photo is of the outside compressor fan. I was most interested in the abstract lines and shapes. I took several shots trying to decide on which part of the compressor to focus. I chose to use a shallow depth of field (f3.2) and focused on the internal fan blades, leaving the protective grate out of focus. I took the exact same photo again focusing on the closer grate.  I did not change the aperture setting. The two photos had a very different feel.  This one feels a little more mysterious to me. The other one had much more defined lines, making it feel stronger.

As you get up close and personal with a system in your home that you may never have explored, play with your aperture. Try taking the same photo with several different focal points.  I suspect that one will emerge as your preference. Spend some time thinking about why you prefer one photo over the other.  Such reflection on your work helps you to identify and hone your personal style.