Day 175
- Color
Pink Day

Today we celebrate the color pink.  According to the National Day Calendar, "pink combined with white or pale blue is most commonly associated with femininity, sensitivity, tenderness, childhood and the romantic.  Pink, when combined with violet or black is associated with eroticism and seduction."  What are your thoughts on pink?

As you go about your day, notice where you see the color pink.  Clothing, flowers, food, maybe even a beautiful pink sunrise or sunset will be part of your day.  Whever you find it, photograph it!

White balance settings can dramatically affect the hue of your image.  To make sure you capture the color pink that you see, it is necessary to make sure you are using a white balance setting that will accomplish that.  Today is a good day to familiarize yourself with your camera's white balance presets.  If you have been using WB presets, experiment with setting custom white balance.  You will likely have to consult your camera's manual if these settings are unfamiliar to you.