June 2020

It is June already!  Soon we will be to the halfway point of this crazy year.  Over the last couple months, we have all been creating a new normal for our families and for ourselves.  In the midst of all the changes to daily life, taking a photo a day has been a constant, the familiar that is the glue that has helped hold together all of the pieces of the unfamiliar.

Life amidst the pandemic has been stressful in different ways for each of us, but it has also brought some unexpected gifts.  As a professor, making the fast transition to online teaching over spring break was super stressful, but in the process of doing so, I have learned a lot.  And, in my opinion, learning new things is always good!  Aside from the necessary learning that I’ve had to do for work, the slowed pace of life has provided the time and space to learn some things just for fun as well.

As I’ve looked through the 365 Picture Today Facebook page and Instagram feed over the last couple months, I’ve noticed that many of you have taken advantage of this time at home to engage in the vast offerings of the online photography classes and videos available; or, have made your way through those books that you have had stacked up waiting to be read when you have time.  What a wonderful gift!

I always tell my students, “Once you think you know it all, life is over.”  There is always more out there to learn - to hear, to feel, to taste, to smell, to see, to experience.  There is something to be learned from every single encounter that we have whether it be with a person, a book, a class, nature, our cameras, or with ourselves.

Here are six reasons why you should learn something new every day:

  1. Learning enhances your quality of life.
  2. Learning can reduce stress.
  3. Learning builds confidence.
  4. Learning keeps you mentally fit.
  5. A focus on lifelong learning sets an example for others.
  6. And, learning something new is fun!

Keep learning, keep clicking, and keep having fun!

Happy June!


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June 2020

June is normally the time we are either taking our vacations or planning to have one soon.  By the time this e-book is published, we should have a better idea of the travel situation in our world.

I absolutely love to travel. My idea of a great trip is hiking in the mountains. I love to be surrounded by peaks and lakes away from the crowds. Others dream of sitting on the beach and reading a book. Some like to go to Disney World or other amusement parks. Then, there are the cruisers who enjoy all of those things and the exciting night life and delicious food! 

This year, I fear, we might be experiencing stay-cations. Hopefully, if you are still working, you can at least get some time off to relax.

I believe by the time our world gets back to somewhat normal, there are many things we won't take for granted again. I hope our vacations and travel time are even sweeter and more meaningful to us. I pray that we will appreciate so many of the blessings and gifts that our beautiful world has to offer. I pray that our creativity returns with a vengeance and we can capture some extraordinary images.

One thing we can all do, whether traveling or not, is to find something new to photograph. It could be something small or something big. Whatever you choose, appreciate it for what it is and treasure the moment.

Maybe you can create a travel playlist and let the music carry you away.



When you are shooting landscape photography, narrow your aperture so that more of your image is in focus. Place your horizon on the thirds and try to add an object for reference. It's usually best to focus in the middle third.

365PictureToday Creative Team

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Narrowing down my favorite trip would be hard as I don't think there is one I haven't enjoyed! It was fun last summer to see the West Coast for the first time. Driving along Hwy 1 with it's very narrow and cliffy coastline was such a stark contrast to the flatness of the east coast and our pictures didn't do the train ride high into the redwoods justice; it was awe inspiring!   


My favorite trip(s) are to the U.S. National Parks. I have loved them all, but my favorite has been Glacier National Park in Northwest Montana. It captivated me and captured my heart. The scenery is so pretty and the wildlife is plentiful. There is not a direction you can look where the view doesn't stop you in your tracks. I have been twice and I hope I get to go again some day! In the meantime, there are many more parks to explore!


I loved traveling to and photographing Iceland. The terrain and even the colors were so different from my normal surroundings.  I also was amazed by the sheer beauty of Alaska - the mountains, the glaciers, the clear blue waters, and the incredible wildlife.



My favourite trip in recent years has been to Singapore and Malaysia, I went with my sister and my brother.  As I was born in Malaysia, and hadn't returned since I left when I was 2 years old, My father is and was a keen photographer so had lots of photos to show how it was, obviously it had completely changed but I so enjoyed travelling the country and exploring where my parents and I use to go.

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