Day 362
Fruitcake Day

Does anyone really like fruitcake?  Maybe some of you in the community do! I have never been a fan. It does seem like it should be tasty when you look at all of the ingredients individually. 

I have always heard jokes about fruitcake.  Like, "it seems like no matter what you do to it, the fruitcake always returns." For decades people have been joking about what makes fruitcake so funny, or nasty, and about the countless other things you can do with it besides eat it (i.e. use it as a doorstop). And a few people along the way have made some hilarious jokes about the dreaded holiday "dessert" that still crack us up! 

If you enjoy fruitcake, and you happen to have one, take a lovely photo and show us. If you don't, choose another favorite holiday dessert.

I, personally, enjoy Christmas Cookies! In a few days, we will all be trying to diet and take off the holiday pounds. Let's go ahead and enjoy dessert today!


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