Day 237
Picture Style


Oh the places we go!

When we are lucky enough to travel we have the bonus of freezing our memories! We can then look back at these photographs and remember and enjoy them for years to come.  Our travel photographs also encourage others to possibly venture to the places we've visited through the conveyance of our images. (Arm chair travelling is also a bonus of travel photography) That is a wonderful thing.

After 3 years of not travelling due to covid measures, we finally made a trip to eastern Canada to Montreal and to Ottawa!   My son lives in Montreal and knows all the best places to visit. This is a photograph of a street in the old city of Montreal.

Some travel photography tips I might suggest are to get up early and stay out late, tour with someone who knows where the best places are or pre-scout out your locations, remember to take clothing for all weather, ask locals where to go, ask locals if you can take photographs of them, and most importantly be curious!

If you are not able to travel today, be a tourist in your own community and show us something pleasurable.


August 2022

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