Day 235
Picture Style


Today we are going to think about travel in both the literal and the figuarative way.

This house is in Lewes, Delaware. The original part of it was built in 1763.  My grandparents purchased and restored it in the early 1960's and lived there until their deaths, at which time it was passed to my parents.  Almost all of my memories of my maternal grandparents are associated with this place.  It is also where both of my parents died.  The house was left to me at that time, but my life is in Texas.  I could not move and I also could not give the home the care and maintenance that it needs and deserves from afar, so I sold it.  Now I have photos such as this to accompany me on travels back in time, to restore memories that could otherwise have easily faded away.

Today, travel to a place that holds important memories for you, a place that if you could never return a part of who you are would be lost.  Take a picture of that place...just in case.  Don't overthink this.  You may need to travel no further than your kitchen table or neighborhood park.


August 2022

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