Day 223
Picture More


Do you prefer photos where the whole story is clear at first glance?  Or those that make the viewer do a little work, to look closely at what is going on in an image.  Personally, I prefer the latter, both when I am looking at a photo and when I am taking them. Because this is my preference, when I compose an image, I have to figure out how to help the viewer's eye land in the "right" spot.  That is done with lines, either subtle or not so subtle ones.

In this image, there are two diagonal lines; that of the landscape that runs from the lower right corner and another starting in the lower left created by my grandson's body.  Which one is most prominent to you?  Which one tells the story?

To me, the diagonal created by the landscape is the most prominent, but that of his body leads from his foot to his hands that are picking blueberries.  That is the story here.

Carefully consider your use of diagonal lines to convey a story in your photo today.  


August 2022

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