Day 237
International Strange Music Day

International Strange Music Day on August 24th encourages people to listen to a type of music they don’t usually listen to. It’s also a day to discover strange and bizarre kinds of music.

Studies prove that different genres of music affect the mind and body in different ways. For instance, smooth jazz is known to relax the body. Pop music helps to improve endurance. Metal music provides a stronger sense of identity. Of all the types of music, classical has the most positive effects. Classical music fights depression, sparks creativity, relieves pain, and supercharges brainpower. However, one study showed hip hop improved the flavour of cheese.

Take a photo of just a part of a musical instrument.  Try different angles.  Most things make a noise so try the wooden spoon with the saucepan or a couple of spoons.

Show us the music that you have been listening to, today.