Day 224
Son's and Daughter's Day

National Son’s and Daughter’s Day brings parents and their children together for quality time.

Today is the day you can show us your kids, grandkids, dogs, cats or anyone (or thing) that you love.

If you don't have your family close by, you can photograph something that represents them or your feelings about them.

If your children/grandchildren/pets are around today, this is a great time to practice posing. Try to capture emotion or personality. Here are some ways to do that:

  • candid photos where everyone is interacting
  • capture them engaging in an activity and unaware of the camera
  • focus on the eyes
  • have your subject look slightly away from the camera
  • give them something to do with their hands (hold something, hug something, touch something)
  • make them laugh
  • use the three photo trick (show me a scary face; show me a silly face; show me a happy face) Bam! Happy face it is!

The most important thing is not the pose, it's capturing the natural essence of the subject. Have fun!