Day 235
Be An Angel Day

Most of us will reach out and help someone in real need without thinking twice.  To the one on the receiving end of our actions, we may be seen as their angel.  Let’s face it, what the world needs right now is more kindness, any kind of kindness.  That kindness can come in many forms.

The cute little guy in this photo was knitted for me by a special friend.  Yes, I knit.  That makes him all the more special because I know what it took to make him.  He was an unexpected gift.  It wasn’t my birthday or any other special occasion.  I received him as part of a genuine, and much needed at the time, act of kindness.  He now occupies a place of honor in my office at school.

Has someone been a special angel in your life?  Or, maybe you’ll be an angel in someone slse's life today.  Either way, show us what an angel looks like to you.