Day 230
- Macro Monday
Thrift Store Day

I am not a thrift store shopper, but I know that many are.  I am often amazed by the cool things that they find, but I don’t have the patience to work may way through all the so-so stuff to find the treasure.  I do, however, enjoy visiting open air markets whenever I have the opportunity.  I found this set of Winnie the Pooh character nesting dolls in Anchorage, AK, at such a market.

Today is also Macro Monday.

My husband is a big fan of Piglet and his approach to life.  Lucky for me, Piglet is the tiniest piece of this set, so a perfect subject for capturing the small details of my shopping find.  In your photo today, get close and capture the small details of a thrift store, or other shopping, find.  It is often these tiny features that first catch our attention, drawing us in to then look at the “big picture.”