Day 214
International Mahjong Day

On August 1st, International Mahjong Day deals out a game to get the celebration started! Play your tiles well and perhaps you’ll honour the day with a win.

The game is played a lot like rummy. The tiles are so tactile.  I have a set and used to play it a lot with my parents and my siblings when we were growing up.  

Mahjong starts with a wall of tiles and then you cut into the wall and each take some tiles.  You then play like rummy to get your hand out.  

You have simple tiles: dots, bamboo and characters. honour tiles: winds and dragons. bonus tiles: flowers and seasons, usually about 144 tiles altogether, depends on the region from which you learnt the game.

No Mahjong set, then take a photo of some dots, bamboo, characters, winds, dragons, flowers or seasons that present themselves to you during your day.