August 2020

And just like that, summer is coming to an end and for many, a new school year is upon us.  Though this timeline is familiar, that is about all that feels the same right now.  Classrooms are different.  Work environments are different.  Daily routines are different.  Perhaps we are now beginning to accept these changes as our new normal.  And maybe we are still struggling.  In all of the things that have changed in the last five months or so, one thing that has remained constant and unchanged is the 365 Picture Today community.

Meetings with family, friends, and book groups have moved to virtual gatherings and it feels a little strange.  With our community here at 365 Picture Today, most of us only know one another online through either Facebook or Instagram.  Because that is our normal, it feels “right.”   We have already learned how to care for and support one another on these virtual platforms.

Do you feel the rhythm of this community?  Do you know who posts early in the day?  Who posts at the eleventh hour?  Do you look at a photo and know whose it is before reading the name or its accompanying description?  Do you recognize peoples’ homes, pets, children, or grandchildren?  Do you have an idea which prompts will appeal to which people?  Do you notice when someone doesn’t post for several days?  If you answered yes to these questions, then you know what it means to be a part of this amazing community.

Photography is what drew us together initially, but it is much more than that that keeps us coming back.  Some of us have shared this daily photo journey for eight years, welcoming many new friends along the way.  We have shared births, deaths, marriages, divorces, babies, grand babies, graduations, and everything in between.  Sharing daily glimpses into our everyday lives requires trust.  This kind of trust is the hallmark of a strong community.

365 Picture Today is a strong community.  We do care deeply about the well-being of one another.  Know that your absence is felt when you miss posting for a few days or weeks or even months.  Know that we are here to share your struggle and your joys.  Know that we are your friends.

As we all do our best to navigate these unfamiliar and scary times, join us in giving thanks for this community and the safety and normalcy that it provides for each of us.


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August 2020

Your own unique, creative style.... YOU have one!

Have you ever looked at someone's photo and thought "why don't my photos look like that?"

Have you ever taken a scenic photo and compared it to others on-line and wondered why your composition was different?

That's a good thing! That means you are an individual with your own unique way of seeing the world.

What I see isn't the same thing as what you see. What you see isn't the same thing as another person sees. 

It's similar to looking at a word search puzzle. The words that jump out to you are not always the same as the words that jump out to others.

Don't let it discourage you! Embrace it! The world needs you and the way you see things.

There are thousands upon thousands of photographers, and we all have our own perspectives, styles and creative techniques.

Look back at the photos you have taken this year and see if you can see a pattern or creative style?

Thank you for being you! Thank you for sharing yourself with us! We are so glad you are here.



Don't be afraid to make mistakes... and don't be afraid to learn from them. The more mistakes you make, the faster you’ll improve. Once you see what went wrong, it's often easier to make it right the next time.

365PictureToday Creative Team




My favorite photography gadget would be my Peak camera strap. I know your probably thinking thats not really a gadget but I've used it as a tripod substitute countless times. The strap is super durable and easy to adjust so I'm able to hang or attach my camera to almost anything. 


My favorite photography gadget is a reflector. I have a large one I use for still life photography and I have a small portable one I can use when I'm doing photo sessions. It really is amazing at directing the light where I want it.


My favorite gadget is the Peak Design Travel Tripod.  Don’t let the “travel” part of its description fool you.  It is my everyday tripod.  It’s lightweight, stable,  and user friendly.


I have two favourite gadgets, and one is my Joby sling strap and the second is my lightweight travel tripod. My sling strap attach's to the camera using the tripod mount, so I have a cool mounting plate that has two screw in points. so I don't have to detach my strap if I want to use the tripod.


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