Day 313
Cappuccino Day

Cappuccino?  Latte? Mocha?  Sugar and cream?  Black?  In the morning?  All day long?  Never?  How do you drink your coffee?

I love a good cup of coffee in almost any way, shape, or form and at any time of the day.  Sometimes though, drive-through in a styrofoam cup is as good as it is going to get.  That's OK, especially when that cup promises a good day!

As the weather is getting chillier here in the western hemisphere, many of us are giving up our cold drinks for hot ones.  What is your favorite hot drink?  Do you have a favorite cup or mug?

If it is too warm for a hot drink where you are, show us what you are drinking.  

In your photo today, try to accentuate the temperature of the liquid in your cup in some way.