Day 315
- Guest Prompt
Forget-Me-Not Day

The Forget-Me-Not is a small simple flower with five blue petals and a yellow center. It is the state flower of Alaska, but alas we don’t have many here in SoCal as they do better in moist climates. Today, I challenge you to remember someone special and include a Forget-Me-Not or a blue flower or a scene with the color blue that reminds you of them. And, extra points if you can honor a disabled veteran in your photo.  

Why? Created in 1921, National Forget-Me-Not Day originally raised funds for services for returning injured soldiers from World War I.

On the technical side, you may wish to include an implied triangle in your image. Drawing an imaginary triangle helps the viewer connect to the the elements of the entire photo. I bet you often include this shape without even knowing it. Study your photos.

In my photo of the beach in Morro Bay, I am remembering my parents and my adventures with them. Dad and I went fishing there and the three of us went trailer camping at the state campground by this beach. I always reflect on our sweet family times when I travel to the Central California Coast with my husband.

Susan Blackburn