Day 147
Picture Life
Daily Routine


Using these Tupperware pantry organizers has been a part of my daily routine since I purchased them at a classic “party” in 1989. They are virtually indestructible barring melting on a hot stove! And I still love their “strawberry cream” lids.

But as photo subjects, they’re kind of mundane, so it was a good excuse to mess around with post-processing. I desaturated any color that wasn't pink, brown, or blue. It put the emphasis on those pink lids and the browns of baking ingredients. The blue labels provide contrast. Upping the texture and clarity brought attention to the feel of the ingredients.

What has stood up to your daily routine? After photographing, you might take this opportunity to play with filters, apps, or words. See how a subject can go from ho-hum to “Hey!”


May 2023

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