Day 139
Picture Style
Street Photography


How is everyone faring during this week of street photography?  If you are finding it to be a bit of challenge, you are not alone!  Shooting a glamourous street photo may be the easiest shot, if you have a little luck.  This is the time of year when lots of people are out and about taking photos for speacial occasions - wedding shoots, proms, graduation, quinceaneras.  The glamourous people are all paying attention to their "real" photographer, making it easy for us to sneak a shot or two.

This photo was taken in Iceland at Reynisfjara Beach.  This spot is quite popular for glamourous photos.  In fact, as soon as I got home from this trip, I read an article in a photography magazine about getting the best shots in this very spot.  Full disclosure here...I was not trying to take a glamourous photo; I wanted a photo of her beautiful sweater. :-)

As you are out and about today, try your luck at finding a glamourous photo op.  It may be as simple as a little girl playing dress-up in her driveway.  Keep your options open!


May 2023

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