Day 129
Picture Color


Veracious: habitually speaking the truth; truthful; honest or characterized by truthfulness and accuracy or honest in content!

Whoosh....that's a hard word to work with while also using the colour coral!

Today, try to find something to photograph that is accurate and honest in content and also coral coloured!  I photographed a chinook sky in Calgary.  Although it may look fake or manmade, I can assure you it is veracious!  I do not lie! However, I did change the orange colour of the sky to a coral colour so I am telling a small 'white....coral' lie.

Why not try and make us guess.  If you cannot find something both veracious and coral in colour, alter your photo using Lightroom or Photoshop or an App and make us guess if it is indeed 'veracious'!


May 2023

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