Day 171
Picture You
What I Love


We are starting another Picture You Week, the week where you put yourself in the photo and we get to know you better.This week's theme is "What I Love" and we hope to get to know more about the things that you enjoy and the people you love.

Today's prompt word is "determined." I absolutely love to hike in nature. It's funny, as I have gotten older, I have gotten more determined to try things out of my comfort zone. Ten years ago, I wouldn't be doing some of the daring (to me) things that I do now. If you had told me then that I would be climbing over boulders and using ladders in some of our hikes, I would have laughed at you.

Determination is mind over matter. Once you get it in your head, and have the confidence that you can do it, you are more likely to succeed at it.

What is something that you are, or were, determined to do and you did it?


June 2021

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