Day 168
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Isolate the Subject



Today we are isolating the subject and using the word loud.   As a Hard of Hearing person, the two words 'isolation' and 'loud' resonate "loud and clear for me'.  As a HOH I often feel a sense of isolation and 'loud noise' is simply not an issue for me. For my sample photo,  I focused on and isolated my hearing aids.  By doing this, I put myself in blur in order to represent the fuzziness and isolation I feel due to my loss of hearing.

There is good noise and bad noise.  Loud noise pollution occurs when unwanted sounds enter the environment.   Loud noise can also be beneficial.  Who doesn't like a loud belly laugh, the sounds of children playing, birds singing, music playing, and waves crashing?  

Take a picture today that represents 'LOUD' to you and remember to isolate the subject.  Loud doesn't have to be sound!  You may prefer to represent loudness by photographing something that is a bright colour or garish subject!


June 2021

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