Day 162
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Black & White



Ink day!  Who wants to try a new trick?  Don't worry, "Ink in Water Photography" is very simple and fun although it can be a bit messy! Honestly, you don't need any special equipment and this can be done with a cell phone. I took this picture using a large vase, some white foam core, a desk lamp, some ink from a fountain pen, an eye dropper, my camera, and a tripod. 

Here is how it is done. Pour water into a vase, wine glass, or water glass. Place a piece of white foam core or paper behind the vessel.  When I was ready I squeezed 2 drops of ink from an eye dropper into the water and it immediately started to drop and suspend.  It takes a solid couple of seconds for this to happen so you have plenty of time to start pressing your shutter button and you have the opportunity to take several shots as it slowly moves down the vase. I added different colours at different intervals for my colour shots. However, it is Black and White Week so convert your photo to Black and White or, hey, try black ink!

If this does not tickle your fancy, no problem!  Show us ink!  Pens, tattoos, books, typewriters........

Have fun!


June 2021

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