Day 58
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Symmetry - Scavenger Hunt


Are you ready for some photo fun!  It is scavenger hunt day!  Here is a list of items to go out and find and photograph! Once your hunt is complete, you will compile those images into a collage.   If you need some help, please refer to the scavenger hunt blog.  

Symmetry is everywhere.  Today you are going on a scavenger hunt to look for cones and you will be photographing them in symmetry.  The cone shape naturally lends itself to leading lines. Let's find some cones and leading lines!

Today you are on the hunt for cones!  You can either position them in your photograph to draw your viewer's eye, or maybe you might just want to find cones! 

 Let's play!

  • pine cone
  • ice cream cone
  • traffic pylon
  • pencil tip
  • nacho chip
  • tree
  • funnel
  • party hat
  • strawberry

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