Day 48
Picture Color


One of the definitions of passion is "an extreme interest in something."  The colour pink is said to be a combination of the passion of red mixed with the purity of white.    Putting them together for today's photo seems to be a perfect match.  

We all have our individual passions and interests.  As 365'ers I think it's safe to say that one of them is  photography.   It's definitely one of my passions and one of the things that I'm passionate about photographing is sunrises and sunsets.   This sunrise was captured on an island that sits in the middle of the Ottawa river.  There was a hoar frost on this day that made the pink in this sunrise even more beautiful.  

When you think of passion, what comes to mind?  What are you passionate about photographing?  Capture your passion and bonus points if includes the colour pink.


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February 2021

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