by Joy - April 14, 2022
You are a storyteller. Whether you believe it or not, every photo you take has a story to tell. Two-hundred photos of the same sunset may all tell the same story, but they still make you a storyteller.
by Diane - March 17, 2022
See how we all edit a photo differently, what is your style, do you edit the same as any of the team?
by Danette - February 17, 2022
We really are ALL OVER THE WORLD!
by Lysle - January 15, 2022
A short quiz! Don't worry, you won't be marked and it won't count against your grade! Have fun.
by Kris - December 30, 2021
And here we are at the end of another year, that time where we find ourselves both looking backward and looking forward.  During this busy season, it can be beneficial to find time for some healthy introspection.
by Lysle - December 23, 2021
We have some changes happening on the 365 Picture Today Creative Team!  We are sadly saying goodbye to Garnett and at the same time elated to be welcoming Joy.
by Garnett - November 25, 2021
Learn how to apply textures in post processing to enhance your images.
by Diane - October 28, 2021
"In the entire circle of the year there are no days so delightful as those of a fine October."  -Alexander Smith
by Amy - September 30, 2021
We are excited about this month's blog as it features our very first Guest Blog Writer Lori Sullivan! Her blog will help you create the best images you can with the camera that goes everywhere you go... the phone!
by Kris - September 02, 2021
We are two-thirds of the way through the year.  The seasons are changing and we are moving toward what many people refer to as “the busy time of year.”

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