Hi my name is Diane and I love crafts!

by Diane - March 10, 2024

I love crafts!  I’ve always been involved in various craft activities throughout my life.  I learned at a young age that I had a knack for following a pattern or seeing someone else’s creations and copying them and making them my own.  I can alter other’s creations to make them my own but I’ve never really considered myself to be creative.  I don’t have the type of brain that is able to come up with new original creative ideas.  Over time though, I’ve come to realize that despite my limitations, I can still be considered as a creative.  I’ve learned that being creative simply means transforming my ideas and dreams into reality, however they come about. Now that I can do! 

I love crafty projects.  They give me a chance to stretch that creative gene.  I find craft activities to be good for my mind.  I read an article online stating that “research has shown that crafting, regardless of the medium you use, can bolster mood, improve self-confidence, and reduce stress overall. In addition, crafting has also shown to improve mental agility, improves both gross and fine motor movements, and also decrease cognitive decline.” That’s good news, especially as I get older. Crafts keep me focused and my hands busy.  It’s almost like meditation. I can lose all track of time when I’m working. I love seeing the final object and I love when I’m able to use my crafting knowledge to create gifts for my friends and family. 


Crafting is also something I can do with my grandson Charlie. When he comes to visit, I’ll pull out my crate of supplies and he and I will create something. It’s fun and it’s a great being able spend quality time with him. I know many of you also have grandchildren that you craft with. Isn’t fun to watch their young minds create? 


Fortunately for me, crafting goes hand in hand with photography.  Photography is also a creative hobby.  This group exhibits that every day.  The creativity in the photographs in our Facebook and Instgram galleries are simply amazing. 

Craft activities and supplies often align quite nicely with our daily prompts.  I get to show off my wares from time to time.  It’s amazing how many prompts go nicely with a project I may be working on.   

When I lived on the east coast I used to walk along the sea’s edge and take photos. My 365picture today project would encourage me to step outside and look for something to photograph for that day's prompt.  While I walked along the coast I would also look for, and collect, sea glass.  I grew to have quite a significant collection of sea glass. I would use the sea glass pieces I collected to create pictures. I loved when a piece I was working on matched with a daily prompt.  It was a great to get my daily photo while also capturing what I was working on. In winter I knit.  It helps fill the time, keeps me busy and is great for all sorts of photo prompts. 

Mason jar day

When I use a craft project for my daily photo it helps to document my latest creation and keep track of projects that I’ve completed.  I move on from specific crafts rather quickly so when I look back at photos it reminds me of projects I had been involved in and sometimes will prompt me to pick up that craft for a second or third time.  Along with tracking projects it allows me to keep a record of projects I’ve done that I’ve gifted.  If I didn’t take a photo, I wouldn’t have any memories of the work I’ve done.   


My craft projects and copious supplies have come in handy for so many prompts such as colour days still lifes,  technical prompts, picture me days, where I stand prompts and scavenger hunts.  When the weather is bad, having craft projects and supplies on hand provides me with a wide variety of items to use indoors.   


If you’ve followed this group for any length of time you’ll be well aware of the talent of the members in our 365PictureToday community.  The creative gene flows generously in our group.  Most of you have other creative talents besides photography.  I love seeing all the awesome works of art that you are creating.  It only goes to show that I’m not the only one who feels our other creative activities fit nicely into our 365 project.  I think it’s great that you’re all willing to share your projects with the group.  I love seeing the paintings that some of you create.  I can’t paint worth a darn but I love seeing the art projects from those of you who can.  You are all so inspiring.  I’m glad that you use your projects for your daily photos.   


I’ve watched crafts and hobbies come and go throughout the years. Trends and fads change and my choice of craft has also changed over the years. I started in my twenties and did paper tole pictures. My mother and aunt did these pictures as well and it was a lot of fun having projects we could work on together. I got quite good at it and ended up framing a number of my 3D pictures. That went out of style fairly quickly and my next craft endeavour was folk art painting. I did that for a number of years and I decorated so much of my house with objects that I painted. As I mentioned earlier, I can follow a pattern so folk art painting worked well for me. Give me a brush without a pattern and I’m useless. Through the years, I’ve done crafts such as knitting, crocheting, a brief stint glass blowing, rock and beach glass art. My most recent endeavours include crafts with my cricut cutting machine, paper quilling and rock painting. I always have something on the go! 


The talent in this group amazes me and I’ve learned so much about the art and craft works that many of you do. Jewelery making, water colour painting, artwork on clothing, rock painting, and so much more. I love seeing all of your works and how you make them fit into your daily prompts. I beg you to please keep using your craft projects and art works for your daily photos. They can fit so many of the prompts beautifully. Plus, who knows, you might just lead me to my next new project! 

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