by Amy - November 21, 2023
With the holiday season right around the corner, it's the perfect time to add to your camera bag!  As photographers, we love to hear what other photographers use and why! So whether you're putting a list together for Santa or need a gift idea for a fellow shutterbug... we've got suggestions galore! 

Diana Rajala: My absolute ‘must-have’ for the iPhone (also available for Android phones) is the Moment 10X zoom lens. You need the phone case as well to attach the lens. This is an amazing lens. 

Kris Baker: I am a fan of anything Peak Design. The Everyday Backpack is perfect for a day out on a photo walk with friends or for extended travel. Despite its modest profile it holds a lot but won’t let you overstuff. This backpack has all the right pockets and storage compartments in all the right places. It keeps all your gear organized and easily accessible.

Sue Smith: My favorite photography gift I've been given is a cleaning kit; a favorite photography gift I have given is a photo book of photos commemorating the year in the life of kids in my life, each getting one full of pics from events I have been part of with them. 

Garnett Hutchinson: These are two things that I just love and use all the time! The UBeesize Selfie Stick Tripod, 62" Extendable Tripod Stand with Bluetooth Remote for Cell Phones, Heavy Duty Aluminum, Lightweight, and the Platypod Max, a flat tripod base for low angles and tight spaces that traditional tripods won't go! 

The phone tripod can be a tripod or selfie stick and it has a Bluetooth remote. The platipod can be on the ground or placed on a surface depending on your angle... but so much easier to travel with than a regular tripod.

holiday season favourites 1

Lysle Barmby: My greatest gift was finding CaptureYour365 and 365PictureToday because, without those, my photographic journey would not be where it is today.

For my photo books of just 365 pictures. I used the one Instagram offered, PastBook:1-Click Photo Book, because when I started it was so easy and straightforward. I continued as they were all the same that way.

Leslie Kilborne Druschel: This wrist strap, OP//TECH USA Mirrorless Neoprene Camera Wrist Strap, for my mirrorless, makes it easier to take street shots of people without being noticed. I also own their neoprene neck strap. So comfortable. 

Diane Perry Russon: I think my favorite purchase is the super sturdy tripod I found via Facebook marketplace. I’ve always wanted a really good, reliable tripod but I’m too cheap to put out hundreds of dollars to get one. I found one locally for $100. It’s a workhorse and was so worth it. I love it. 

My other favorite purchases have been my external hard drives to store my photos. I back up my photos and then back up my backup. I had one crap out on me a few years ago and I lost about 6 months of photos. They were unrecoverable. Since then, I’ve always backed up my backup, and the external hard drives are a godsend. 

And lastly, Brian works for a printing company and every Christmas they offer a number of specials and discounts to their staff. One of my favorites is they offer prints on canvas for $25. I choose a few of my photos from that year and Brian gets them put on to canvases for me. I just love seeing my photos printed out on canvas. I have them all around my house.

holiday season favourites 2

Wish List Suggestions from all: Lens Ball, The Photographers Playbook, Still Life Props, Click Magizine Subscription, Shoulder Camera Strap, a GorillaPod for Mobile(CellPhone), SD Cards, A Ring Light for inside shots, Mini-Figures, Photography Books, and Camera t-shirts.

holiday season favourites 3

365'ers everywhere: A model that's always prompt ready and doesn't complain about how long it takes to get the perfect shot! 

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