Day 289
- Picture Your Day
Grouch Day

Today is Picture Your Day and Grouch Day.  Most of us probably don't like to admit that we can be a grouch and we sure don't want to photograph our grouchy selves.  Remember, however, that our daily photos are about photographing our everyday life and grouchy days happen!

Though I'm not having to get dressed to leave home for work these days, when I do, my socks are always the true indicator of how I'm feeling when I get dressed for the day.  On those grouchy days, my buddy Oscar is right there with me.  I have to admit, knowing that makes me smile and usually makes my day better.

Do you dress to express your mood?  Do you have favorite socks?  Picture Your Day by dressing to show us how you are feeling today.  And remember, grouchy is okay sometimes!


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