Day 287
Train Your Brain Day

I have always loved puzzles.  It can be crossword, logic, numbers, almost anything and I will be entertained.  I begin every morning doing the Sudoku puzzle from the morning paper while I drink my coffee.  It gets my brain working before I begin the real work of my day.

Research has shown that we need to keep our brains busy by pushing old skills and learning new ones.  Pushing our mental capacity makes us use parts of our brains that may be getting a little too much "rest."  Lifelong learning also keeps our minds sharp and feeling young.  Between my morning puzzles, knitting, playing music, building Lego, and learning to paint "later in life" my brain feels like it is running a marathon most days.  And most days, I'm OK with that.

What do you do to keep your brain active?  As you photograph that today, try to capture in your photo the tiny details that might go unnoticed otherwise.  I always write my answers with a black Sharpie and use "my favorite pencil" to write in possible answers when I am working on a five-star puzzle.  It is these little things that make our daily photos truly a picture of our everyday.


Daily Prompts