Day 331
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Color Combinations


If you remember back to May, we did a week of contrast. That week we challenged you to see contrast in size, words, and yes, some contrasting colors as well. This week, we will be looking specifically at color combinations, and I highly recommend you go out and search for a color wheel. There are countless ways to capture appealing color combinations to evoke different moods by using color theory. Complementary color combinations are colors that are exact opposite on the color wheel (like in my photo which has orange and blues) and provide feelings of energy and vitality. Triadic combinations use three colors which are selected using colors on the wheel in the shape of a triangle which can create feelings of harmony and peace. There are also groupings on the wheel called analogous or tetradic combinations as well. Go out and do some research on these color combinations - I learned a lot myself. Then throughout this week implement some combinations that appeal to you. It's sure to be a beautifully colorful week! 


November 2022

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