Day 314
Guest Prompt


Merriam-Webster defines engaging as: tending to draw favourable attention or interest.  However, there are many ways to be engaging. Our smiles. Our personalities. A great read can be engaging. TV shows or movies could be engaging. So many options!

With photography, I always think the use of words or props is engaging with the viewer and with it being Gratitude theme this week, I decided to go with saying thank you in many languages.  I am grateful to be asked to write the guest prompt for today, for being part of this 365 community, for being able to share my love of photography and for being cheered on in my hobby by friends and family.

It is Picture You week, so consider putting yourself in today’s photo, but how you show gratitude in an engaging way is totally up to you.  Will you change your angle? Use a prop? Focus on some details? Do a creative crop? Use depth? Tell a story? The possibilities are limitless.  One of my favourite things about the prompts in 365 photography is that we all create and approach them differently. It is truly inspiring to see what each of you comes up with day after day, year after year. Thank you for being part of my community. Remember to have fun and I look forward to seeing everyone’s take on the prompt.

Amy Roach

November 2022

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