Day 107
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Food - Guest Prompt


Who doesn't love food? Food photography can be a challenge. There are endless meal photos on social media, but what makes a food photo interesting, let alone "tremendous"? To find out, I looked up the definition of "Tremendous". It's "very great in amount, scale or intensity. Extremely good or impressive, excellent." 

In this photo, taken in Morocco, we were invited into the traditional home of a Berber family in a Kasbah and served a tremendous amount of food, starting with these huge pieces of flatbread. I like the hints in the background of other things - the glasses for the delicious mint tea we were served, the colourful tablecloth and the carpet that we sat on for our meal. What was really tremendous, though,  was the experience and the hospitality we were shown - it was definitely "extremely good, impressive and excellent". 

What aspect of "tremendous" do you want to focus on for today's photo? Will it be an impressive amount of food, or something really big or seemingly out of proportion? Something really hot, very cold, or super spicy? Or will it be a tremendous experience or memory of food, and what was happening around the meal that made it unique? Look for a different aspect of food today, and let's see what "tremendous" means to you! 

Carolyn Cummins

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April 2023

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