Day 94
Picture Basic
Rule of Odds


When I think of Avant-garde I think of the arts.  Something that's new and unusual.  In other words, something just a little different or unique.  I decided to stick with the arts with my photo example and pick something that I thought was just a bit different than the every day ordinary.  

I attended this photography meetup at one of our local parks.  We had the opportunity to photograph a dancer outside of a studio.  The dancer used a bunch of different fabrics to enhance her movements.  It was very cool.  In this shot I placed the dancer on the vertical left third while the fabric is on the top third.  I think it works nicely.

Find something unique, quirky, or new that you think is Avant-garde, however you might define it.  I can't wait to see what you come up with!  


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April 2023

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