Day 104
Picture Color


I feel pretty stupendous ("awesome, marvelous") when I can catch a good panned shot. This cyclist with his lemon yellow safety vest caught my eye--as it’s supposed to do! I also wanted to capture the sense of speed. To get that, I needed a slow shutter-- 1/50 of a second, then 800 ISO, f/22. Auto-focusing, I panned along and clicked just when he passed me. The background blurred while he remained crisp. 

Today try panning! It takes practice, so shooting passing cars or cooperative kids on bikes are good setups. A quick search will bring up plenty of detailed instructions on the internet. If you’re not feeling “up to speed,” show us any lemony thing in your world that you find or makes you feel stupendous-- on the street or not! 


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April 2023

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