Day 292
Picture Style


Keeping it simple in minimal photography doesn't mean it has to be boring!  It is a very creative process to work within the minimalist boundaries.  I don't know about you, but I tend to add way too much information to my images. This week is going to be a really good lesson on how to keep it simple but also impactful!

The word for today is "upstanding". Upstanding means 'honest' and 'respectable'.  

I found a beautifully restored Cadillac parked on my street.  I photographed the entire car, but it was the hood ornament that I found most outstanding.  It is a timeless image of respectability for a well manufactured car. By 'breaking' down that beautiful car into bits and pieces, I think I managed to capture how outstanding it was by focusing on one tiny element.  

Find something in your environment that you can photograph in the minimalist style by breaking it down and finding a small detail that is upstanding.  Try to keep it simple but honest and respectable!


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